how to install Artcut 2009 Without Original CD for Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

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⁣Applications : Windows : English Artcut 2009 is a professional sign making software made for over 50 different cu tter plotters. With Artcut you can create professional signs, decals, and other graphics with power. Load your own images formatted in TIFF or BMP and turn them into graphics readable by the Artcut. Load tons of clip art from all kinds of f ile types including AI, and even files exported out of Autocad and other CAD pro grams. When it comes to ease, speed, and power in your graphics business... choo se Artcut. -------Read simple instructions on installing located in the file labeled "How to Insta ll". -------Update: Ignore the instructions given in the "How to Install" file. They are all wrong (except for the instructions on installing included clip art and fonts).

I have listed the right instructions below. 1. Install Artcut, but do not run. 2. In the folder labeled "Authorization Files" find the setup for the authorizat ion program and run it to install it. Install it in the same directory as Artcut is. 3. Now make an CD image of all of the authroization files and mount it to a disc using a program such as IMG Burn. 4. Run Artcut... make sure that the CD you just burned with the authorization fi les is in your disc drive and loaded. 5. Enjoy! The clip art and font installation instructions given in the "How to Install" fi le are correct, use those instructions for installing these files. ------Update: Ok after constant talk about problems with getting around the "Insert Di sk" problem, and almost all of my work arounds failing I have finally found a fi x. 1. Go to your Windows\system32 directory, and delete a file called wtcy9853.dat. 2. Change the computer system clock's year to 2008 (from 2009). 3.

Double click the Artcut Software icon on your desktop. It will prompt you to insert the CD-R, blah blah. 4. Insert the Graphic Disk into your CD-ROM drive and click OK. Wait for a minut e of two and let the program read the license data and generate a new copy of wt cy9853.dat file. The program will display its flash screen and close. 5. Double click the Artcut software icon on your desktop again. The software now runs and displays the Create / Open dialog. 6. Change your system clock back to 2009! -------

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